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Our Story

Di Computer Technologies CC was established on the 1st of August 2008. In 2012 a Company Merger took place between Di Computer Technologies and CyberNam. All began to operate under the latter name Di Computer Technologies CC. Since 2012, our business has grown immensely and we have since become known for our excellent service and commitment to our customers. Since 2012, our Company has undergone significant restructuring-, operating model- and customer support changes. This is part of our strategy in order to provide more efficient customer service and expand our service offerings to our customers.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our Customers with the best experience possible when it comes to Information Technology. We achieve this by providing the best prices, by focusing on your needs, by consistently communicating and by ensuring a quick turnaround on your requests. This can only be achieved by partnering with dependable and service focused Suppliers and by a Team that will always walk the extra mile. 

Vision Statement

We strive to be the most sought after IT Company in Namibia, providing cutting edge and cost efficient IT Services & Product Sales.


our company values

Our Company Values
Company Values - Explained

Why Choose Us

Experienced Skills

We have been in Business since 2008. You can trust our Expertise.

Expert Engineers

We have a selection of professional IT Engineers at your Disposal.

Discounted Pricing

We always provide you with our best Prices. Try us out.

Guaranteed Services

We are so confident in our Services that we always give a guarantee on our quality Workmanship.

Secure Shopping

Our e-Commerce Site makes use of the latest technologies to ensure a secure and smooth Shopping Experience.

High Quality Products

With us you always get the Best of the Best. We only sell High Quality Products which have proven themselves over time.

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